Chanukah, one of our favourite festivals! Amongst the festivities, the delicious doughnuts and the ritual of lighting the Menorah comes the deep sense of unity and identity.
12 Years ago on the second night of Chanukah, Spa for the Soul was born. It came about after meeting with a couple who were struggling for many years to conceive a child. What was to be a once off event to raise the funds to financially assist this couple, soon became an annual event supported by the community and so the AJFN was established.
In reflection, this period of time symbolises the ‘coming of age’ for the AJFN. Celebrating our twelfth year has seen an exponential growth in our ability to raise awareness, reach out and support those couples struggling with infertility in our community.
This week the AJFN formed it’s first Board of Directors and will soon be independently registered as a charity. The Board will work closely together with the Advisory Committee to achieve the goals for 2019. We are so grateful for this milestone and look forward to introducing the Board to you in the new year.
Along with the generosity of The Giving Tree families and other major donors this new structure will now allow us to expand our services which include the free peer to peer mentoring, referrals to specialists and counsellors and to fund a paid resource to assist even more couples in need.
Without the generosity of our sponsors and your ongoing support, we simply could not grow and reach new heights. Thank you so much!
Tonight when you light the Menorah, remember that even in the darkest moments and your deepest struggles we must have faith and know there is light and miracles to come.
We wish you all an abundance of light, health and happiness.

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