‘I just listened to your AJFN webinar from last night and so glad I did. My sister and her hubby are currently going through IVF and as they’re the first in our family to do so, this is a whole new experience for us all. I feel more equipped with practical tools for how I can help support her better now  and I have a much better understanding of what they’re going through. Thank you!’ 

On Monday 1 June 2020 the AJFN together with Genea, long time supporters of the AJFN and our ‘Chai Corporate Partner’, co-hosted our first online webinar ‘Fertility during a Pandemic’.

Click here to view our Facebook live recording.

Our goal was to offer support and access to top expert advice for those couples who are in midst of fertility treatment or considering to begin soon and are concerned about the impact of COVID-19.

Experts Dr Rachel Rodgers and counsellor Lynne Perl shared some practical strategies to help manage the social, emotional and physical toll of fertility treatments during these unprecedented times. Dr Rachel also provided an insight as to how fertility clinics and treatments have adapted in the current climate and its impact on cycle planning.

We would like to thank the Genea team, Elizabeth Gosch, Dr Rachel Rodgers and Lynne Perl for so kindly and generously sharing their time and expertise with our community. We look forward to continuing to collaborate and further develop our partnership in the coming years ahead.

A brief summary
  • Dr Rodgers discussed the current evidence regarding the risks of coronavirus in pregnancy and transmission of COVID-19 from mother to baby
  • Excitingly, almost all fertility therapies are now available or are being reintroduced and Kosher IVF is still being performed with patients being moved to larger theatre rooms to accomodate the ‘supervisor’ in attendance.

  • Dr Rodgers highlighted that you don’t need to try to conceive for years before seeing a fertility specialist and seeing one does not mean you’re going to need IVF, there are many other ways they can assist you on your journey

  • Taking folate, ensuring your vaccinations are up to date, reducing stress and avoiding smoking and alcohol are simple actions you can take in preparation for trying to conceive

  • Lynne highlighted the parallels between the uncertainty faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty couples experience

  • Some suggestions to deal with this uncertain time included exercise, meditation, mindfulness and journaling

  • Staying connected with people who support you can be balanced with boundaries that you need as a couple

  • Lynne explored the importance of sensitivity when supporting friends/family experiencing infertility, checking in with them but not being intrusive and not being deterred by rejection on days when they don’t feel like speaking.




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