The AJFN, in conjunction with Wolper Hospital, hosted its second Pathway to Parenthood event on 21st June 2020. The webinar saw two eminent fertility specialists Dr Rachael Rodgers and Dr Jeffrey Persson discuss the topic ‘It might not happen quickly, what then?’ from both a male and female perspective.  

To watch a recording of the talk please click here

Dr Rodgers educated the audience on female reproductive endocrinology so that we could better understand the basis for various fertility treatments and where in the cycle couples should try to conceive. She shared some mind blowing facts including that women are born with around 1 million eggs! The roles of various acronyms (and hormones) you may have heard of such as LH, FSH, AMH were all explained. Whilst Dr Rodgers reminded us that seeing a fertility specialist doesnt mean IVF, she also recommended women with particular gynaecological or medical conditions to seek specialist advice.

Dr Persson switched things up and focussed on the role of the male in infertility, which is a critical piece of the puzzle given that male factors are involved in 50% of cases of infertility. He emphasised that testing for male factors can be easy and is often less invasive that the examinations and investigations women undergo. Dr Persson discussed various factors which can affect male fertility and where to seek help if you have concerns.

There are Halchic guidelines for both men and women when undertaking testing before commencing fertility treatment and when planning fertility treatment. If you would like any further information or have any questions please contact Rabbi Ulman 9365-2777.

The AJFN hopes you enjoyed this webinar series and have learnt something to assist you on your pathway to parenthood. If you would like more information, recordings from both webinars are available to watch online.


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