Couples in our community struggling with infertility need our support now more than ever. In response to over 120% increase in demand for AJFN’s services following our exponential growth in communal awareness and outreach in recent years, coupled with the impact of COVID-19, we are thrilled to announce a new milestone for AJFN; our Professional team has grown and today we welcome two new part-time staff members; Danielle Salomon, Marketing and Communications Manager, to support the acceleration of strategic communications and Loren Finger, Development Manager, who will manage key partner relationships, communal engagement, and assist with scoping of AJFN’s geographic expansion.

 Both Loren and Danielle are highly experienced professionals who are passionate about creating a vibrant Jewish community and seeing AJFN help build the next generation through the creation of many more miracle babies. 

These two newly created roles will enable the implementation of focused strategies directly working towards the realisation of the AJFN Strategic Plan. 

  • To increase our impact with Australian Jewish couples facing challenging fertility journeys, and ultimately be part of creating more little miracles, one baby at a time.
  • To break the stigma associated with infertility in our community and encourage open conversations on this topic.
  • To build and strengthen our brand awareness, so that those couples needing us know we exist for them, and feel comfortable to approach us for support on their fertility journeys.
  • To continue to be a trusted and respected voice and knowledge source for infertility in the community 
  • To build sustainable income streams that strengthen the AJFN as a flourishing charity, supported by strategically required resources.
  • To expand our services geographically, so as to be able to provide support to Australian Jewish couples outside of Sydney metro.

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