Did you know that 1 in 6 couples in our community struggles with infertility?
Aside from the physical, emotional and financial toll that this has on a couple and their relationship, it is often the loneliness and isolation that exacerbates the pain.
You can help by joining us and working to break the stigma by participating in the sixth annual Infertility Awareness Shabbat, 12-13 March.
“In a religion that is so centered around children and building a family, the pain and stigma felt by those who are struggle with fertility is deep and often kept silent. We as a community do all we can to support those in need.” – Rabbi Dovy Rappaport, Kehillat Kadima.
Several synagogues will be will be joining in, showing support to couples struggling to build and expand their families. Some will be featuring community members speaking about their fertility experiences, some rabbis will work the message into their sermons and a community fertility prayer will be recited in some shuls.
How can you support the 1 in 6?
The Infertility Awareness Shabbat was started by Yesh Tikva in Los Angeles and now has garnered support worldwide. Here are some ways you can help spread awareness and show your support:
  • Share our social media posts with #insupportofthe1in6.
  • Say a prayer for those struggling as you light your Shabbat candles.
  • Attend a participating service.
  • Find out more about infertility and how the AJFN can help.
  • Have a look at Yesh Tikva’s helpful tips on what you can say or do for a friend or family member experiencing infertility.
Together we can end the stigma.
In the open. In unity. In support of the 1 in 6.
List of participating synagogues:
  • Bet Yosef
  • Bina
  • Central Synagogue
  • Chabad CBD
  • Chabad North Shore
  • Coogee Synagogue
  • Cremorne
  • Dover Heights Shule
  • Emanuel Synagogue
  • The Great Synagogue
  • Kehillat Kadima
  • Maroubra Synagouge
  • Mizrachi
  • Nefesh
  • Newtown Shul
  • Ohr Hatzafon
  • Parramatta Synagogue
  • Sephardi Synagogue
  • Southern Sydney Synagogue
  • Tzemach Tzedek
  • Yeshiva – OBK

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