The National Perinatal Epidemiology and Statistics Unit at the UNSW analyses data from the Australian and New Zealand Assisted Reproduction database. Submission of data is mandatory for accreditation of clinics.

The latest report reflects data collected in 2018.

There were approximately 84,000 ART cycles with just over 14,000 live births.

The average age of women was 36 for those using own eggs and 40 if using donor eggs.

5% cycles used donor eggs.

60% cycles used ICSI (single sperm injection into egg)

60% of transfers were fresh embryos, with a 31% clinical pregnancy rate and 17% live birth rate.

40% were frozen/thawed, with a 37% clinical pregnancy rate and a 29% live birth rate.

The live birth rate was 23% in cycle 1, but only 12% in cycle 8.

The live birth rate was around 30% for women aged <35, ~20% if aged 35-40 and <10% if aged >40.

90% transfers were single embryos.

3% live births were multiple.

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