Our Philanthropic Family

A donation made to the AJFN means you become part of our community, part of our family, helping us to ensure that no Jewish Australian ever feels alone on their fertility journey. With thanks to your kindness and generosity, we are helping to remove the isolation these individuals struggling with infertility are experiencing, by letting them feel the support of the community around them. Together we are creating miracles, one baby at a time.

The AJFN is grateful to our philanthropic family who inspire us to fulfill our mission: to be a beacon of hope, offering financial and emotional support to those Jewish Australians facing fertility challenges, and encouraging open and honest conversations about infertility within the community. We are constantly looking to grow and extend our community of supporters and would love to hear from you if you want to make a difference! Please contact us for more information.


  • ‘Chai’ Club – Annual contribution of $25,000+ 
  • Major Donors- Annual contribution of $15,000+ 
  • Key Donors- Annual contribution of  $10,000+
  • Continuity Crew- Annual contribution of $5,000+
  • Fertility Friends- Annual contribution of $1,800+ 

The AJFN would like to thank the ‘Giving Tree’ families who have generously supported the AJFN in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Kerri and Craig Blackstone
Kerry and Michael Gonski
Lauren and Elliott Placks
Jessica Roth and Daniel Mendoza-Jones
Tanya and Ken Keyser
Daniella and Jonathan Gavshon
Dana and Ben Finger

Endowment fund donors

Thank you to our generous donors who contributed to our Endowment Fund in 2018/2019 – this is the start of our journey to growing a fund to help make AJFN semi self sustainable.

‘Chai’ Club

Robert & Terri Lederer

Jake & Debbie Klein

Key Donors
Sean & Joanne Rose
Major Donors
S&C Roth Family Foundation
Continuity Crew
Gary & Marnie Perlstein
Greg & Rozanne Blumenthal
Jonathan & Jacqui Hasson
CVS Lane Capital Partners
Fertility Friends
Rolf & Bardine Krecklenberg
Nick & Nikki Raphaely
Mervyn & Lorraine Basserabie
Edward & Marina Wayne
Mike & Debbie  Glick
Jeremy & Ilana Samuel
Paul & Amber Rubenstein