The Fertility journey can be emotionally exhausting and challenging, putting a strain on a couples relationship. Seeing a psychologist while considering or undergoing treatment can be a helpful way to work through anxiety, grief, worry and other emotions that may be experienced as a result of fertility issues, especially in the event that treatment may fail.

There are psychologists and counsellors who specialise in counselling for a variety of fertility issues. Counselling can help couples deal with the feelings of anger or guilt that may arise. A recent diagnosis of infertility can potentially cause stress and anxiety, and both the wait for a diagnosis and attempts to find a fertility treatment that works can cause anxiety and conflict in a partnership. Those affected by infertility may also experience feelings of helplessness, anxiety, depression and low self esteem.

When a couple is affected by fertility issues, having the opportunity to improve their communication skills can help make it easier to make decisions that work for both partners. At times, disagreements may arise as to how to choose the best course of treatment or one partner may not yet be ready to seek medical help. In some cases, infertility may affect other members of a family, such as children, parents  and grandparents. A couple might also struggle sharing the news of infertility with other family members, or they may feel pressured to have children . Any of these issues may be addressed when seeing a psychologist or counsellor.

AJFN is grateful to work together with a professional network of psychologists and counsellors who specialise in counselling couples and individuals along their fertility journey. If you would like more information about this service please contact us.