AJFN Committee Member-Marketing

My varied experiences from both the Not For Profit and For Profit sector has given me a unique perspective of the strengths and challenges in each.

My passion and enthusiasm to serve community, promote learning and encourage engagement through creative marketing initiatives has served as the basis in many of my career experiences.   As Co-Founder and Director of Temptation Bites, I was able to hone my entrepreneurial spirit, drive, passion and commitment for excellence.   I have worked in the fundraising departments at The Children’s Hospital Westmead and Children’s Cancer Institute Australia and currently lead the NSW team at JNF Australia as NSW Executive Director.  Successfully positioning brands in crowded community spaces, has been one of my key outcomes.   Marketing, Branding, Communications, Events, Relationship and Community Engagement have been particular areas of focus in my career.

I am thrilled to be supporting AJFN, whose purpose and mission is critical to the community.  I have watched loved ones manage the heart ache of infertility over the last few years and if I can positively contribute in anyway, that is my goal.