Chief Executive Officer

Justine is a passionate and well respected leader within our Australian Jewish Community, most notably as the director of PJ Library for seven years, and was instrumental in helping them expand from NSW into VIC and New Zealand. Justine has a Certificate in Jewish Leadership from Spertus in Chicago, and a Masters in Jewish Education from Hebrew University amongst other qualifications, as well as being part of the Leadership Team for Launchpad Leadership.

Justine is directly influenced by three things: her deep Jewish values, her desire to invest and grow community, and her love of learning. These pillars have guided her strong belief that no one should feel disconnected from community or alone, that we should all actively lean into community and that belonging is paramount to the thriving of the Jewish people and to the individual’s sense of self and well-being. Justine’s philosophy is anchored in an attitude of inclusion for the benefit of the individual and the community.

Justine’s greatest treasures are her three children, and she keenly appreciates the importance that Jewish community places on having children. Her central motivator as CEO is to help others build Jewish families and to support and comfort those who have a challenging fertility journey.