AJFN Committee Member- Marketing
I am a Communications Manager with a passion for developing compelling communications strategies that drive deep engagement across both internal and external audiences. I have a keen interest in leading communications through times of change including restructures, acquisitions and rebranding. My areas of expertise include Communications Planning, Copywriting, Branding & Identity, Internal Communications and PR and I have worked across the IT, financial services, government and welfare sectors.
I grew up discussing sperm and eggs at the dinner table (my parents are both Fertility Specialists!), but despite all the knowledge, going through my own journey, I understood first-hand the emotional, physical and financial burden of IVF. I feel very privileged to be part of AJFN, supporting couples to achieve their dreams of having a baby and opening up the conversation around infertility. I am also a Fertility Mentor, providing one-on-one emotional support to couples throughout their fertility treatments.