AJFN Committee Member-Events
I am a mum to a beautiful busy boy who keeps me very much on my toes.
Prior to becoming a parent, I worked in the Events Industry for the better part of 10 years. I first became involved with the AJFN through The Giving Tree, Giving Circle in 2017.
Having been on the infertility journey with a very close friend and witnessing a very private and traumatic struggle, I was so touched by the miracle work being done by the organisation and joined the events team to be involved in a greater capacity.
The AJFN has become a cause very close to my heart. I believe that having a child is the greatest gift one can receive and to think so many struggle physically, emotionally and financially before they hold that baby in their arms, made me realise how fortunate I had been. Bringing a wanted and much loved child into this world should have no bounds, especially not financial ones. I hope that our work goes a long way in alleviating some of the emotional stress and financial barriers associated with the infertility journey for so many.