Welcome to the Australian Jewish Fertility Network

Powered by community kindness, AJFN offers 360-degree support to all Jewish Australians, ensuring they are never alone on their fertility journey. 

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Our Impact

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Impact Reports

A testament to the collective impact of our dedicated team, generous donors, and passionate volunteers who have tirelessly worked towards helping us continue our goal of no Jewish Australian ever being alone on their fertility journey.

  • 66

    Babies born

  • 219

    Grants provided

  • 91

    Families supported this FY

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    Care packages delivered

Our Support offerings

  • Financial support

    AJFN envisions a world where finance is never a barrier to the dreams of becoming a parent. We offer means-tested grants that pay up to 80% of the out-of-pocket expenses of fertility treatments, genetic testing of embryos, and counselling sessions related to the fertility journey.

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  • Emotional support

    Anyone who has ever experienced infertility can attest to the overwhelming anxiety, often suffering in silence and isolation. Our emotional support offerings ensure you are not alone in your journey.

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  • Spiritual support

    We are here to provide all Jewish Australians with appropriate spiritual guidance. Whether arranging a meaningful challah baking for fertility, connecting you with someone for halachic advice, visiting the Mikvah for fertility, or IVF with supervision.

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  • Awareness and advocacy

    One of AJFN’s key objectives is to be a trusted and respected voice and knowledge source for infertility in our community. We believe that knowledge empowers those on their fertility journey, their family, friends and the community.

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Fertility Zone

Miscarriage Guide

A guide to dealing with and talking about miscarriage....

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Prayer on the Loss of a Baby

A beautiful prayer to say upon the loss of a baby. Source: Office of...

Articles, Guides
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Turning Loss into Found

*Martine’s story* Please note this story features themes of stillbirth and child loss. At...

Real stories, Videos
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Mindfulness Made Easy Part 1

Jodie Gien gently introduces us to mindfulness with a combination of practical mindfulness tools...

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Real Stories

  • We cannot thank you and your team enough. We are truly eternally grateful in every single way. This little miracle of ours exists because Hashem/G-d connected us with you – may everyone at the AJFN be blessed always.’…

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  • As a result of COVID-19 I was retrenched from my job and my husband is self employed and has experienced a dramatic reduction in his workload. This has been emotionally and financially devastating for us as a family. We have not had to reach out for financial support in the…

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  • Just wanted to say thanks again for the gorgeous package you delivered yesterday, so so sweet, generous and thoughtful. Exactly what I needed after the week. Lifted my spirits like I can’t even tell you! And the challah was delish!! Thank you thank you. …

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  • Thank you for organising the package I received the other week, the day before egg collection. I was so touched and really appreciated the thoughtfulness. I am still enjoying the goodies in the box….

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  • Providing us a care pack and Shabbos meal in our harder weeks in addition to 1 on 1 support for each of us with a volunteer who is always ready at the go, to check in and make sure you are doing alright, and let you know you are not…

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  • We are beyond grateful to announce our little blessing will be joining us next May. Thank you for all your support through our journey we are so grateful for the support and kindness the AJFN has shown us….

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