What We Do

One in six couples have difficulty getting pregnant. Everyone knows someone close to them who is experiencing or has experienced the struggles of infertility. Many couples experiencing infertility feel as if they are going through this heartache alone. This is a very serious issue for many people in our community, however it is often not discussed making people feel very isolated.

If you are experiencing infertility you are not alone.

Launched in December 2006 ‘Spa for the Soul’ has become an important event run by a team of dedicated volunteers from the Sydney Jewish Community.

What began as a hands-on way to meet the needs of one couple who couldn’t afford fertility treatment, has grown into a major forum to raise awareness of the struggles and hardships of infertility and provide support in an open and supportive environment.

The Australian Jewish Fertility Network truly encapsulates what we see as the needs of the community, which goes above and beyond the fund raising aspects, that the Spa for the Soul event was initiated to address.

Our Mission

For those couples struggling to achieve their dreams of having a baby, the AJFN is a beacon of hope, offering financial and emotional support and encouraging open and honest conversations about infertility within the Jewish community.

Facts and Figures

Based on our previous events and the increasing number of applicants for financial assistance, we know there is a growing demand for our services…

  • 24

    The number of babies born through assistance from AJFN.

  • 1 in 6

    The number of couples who have difficulty falling pregnant. This may be even higher in the Jewish community based on anecdotal information collated through AJFN.

  • 35

    The age when a woman’s fertility begins to decline.

  • 20%- 30%

    Success rate per IVF cycle.

  • $5,000*

    Out of pocket cost for standard IVF treatment. (*approx.)

  • $12,000*

    Out of pocket cost for PGD cycle for rare genetic disorders. We have helped couples with this treatment being their only chance of having a healthy child. (*approx.)

  • $20,000+*

    The cost of a highly complex IVF treatment.

  • 70+

    The number of applicants for assistance received by AJFN in the last 5 years.

  • 90+

    The number of rounds of IVF funded

  • 300+

    The number of men & women who attend our events.