Financial Support

The AJFN provides financial assistance to married Jewish Australian* couples who are currently living in Australia and facing challenges achieving a healthy pregnancy.

Important information to consider before applying for assistance:

  • *both partners to be Permanent Residents or Australian Citizens, and eligible for Medicare support.
  • A consultation with a fertility specialist is required and a letter explaining the official diagnosis including a treatment plan/recommendation needs to be supplied.
  • Applications are kept strictly confidential and when discussed with the Board the names of the applicants are not identified.

Funding is allocated by the committee based on a number of factors that take into account the history, diagnosis, age and income of the couple applying.

  • Applications need to be received prior to the start of the cycle and take between 1-2 weeks to process.
  • Once approved you will be notified and payment will be transferred directly to the clinic (no cash will ever be transferred to the couple directly).
  • AJFN provides financial assistance towards a portion of the out-of-pocket treatment costs (i.e. after Medicare rebates). Please note each case is considered individually, based on treatment costs and the applicant’s financial situation. Grants generally range between $2,500 and $3,500. Exceptional circumstances may result in a larger grant.
  • The Allocations Committee carefully assesses each application based on the applicants’ financial circumstance and the number of times funding has been requested and granted (note they have no names on the application so it is an unbiased process). This information is then matched against the charity’s granting guidelines to ensure that the amount granted is consistent for couples of similar circumstance.


All application forms are confidential and your name/ identifying information will not be shared with anyone other than the Applications Committee. We understand the private nature of the struggles related to infertility and we will ensure that no extra discomfort is caused as a result of your request in seeking help.

Supporting documentation required to submit with the form:

  1. Letter from Doctor/s explaining your diagnosis and suggested treatment plan
  2. Both partners’ copies of the most recent documents (no older than 3 months) related to
    • Three most recent payslips if currently employed
    • Centrelink Statement if currently receiving any benefits.
      If you are employed and receiving Centrelink payments you need to upload copies of your payslip and centrelink statement.
  3. Copy of each of your last financial year’s tax return
  4. Cost estimate/price breakdown for planned treatment.