Going through IVF can be an emotional roller-coaster. Choosing to keep your treatment private, often means that you cannot gain support from your usual networks. For those who are more open, family and friends may struggle to know how to talk about infertility or how best to support you along the way.

In July 2017, AJFN launched the Fertility Support Network. The program provides personal one on one support for men and women going through fertility treatments. The emphasis of the program is to provide emotional support by building a secure and trusting relationship with a peer, who has also undergone fertility treatment, as opposed to with a medical professional. Fertility mentors (Peer Support Companions)  are men and women who have experienced fertility issues themselves or have been through IVF and wish to help others on their fertility journey. This service is completely confidential and is not linked to the financial grants we offer for treatments.

The program is facilitated by clinical psychologist Sarah Robuck.

If you are interested in being a recipient of this service or if you would like to assist others by volunteering as a Peer Support Companion, please contact us. Ideal candidates to volunteer are men and women who have had fertility issues and been through IVF and are also at a point in their lives where they can comfortably talk about their fertility struggles and are available two to three times a month.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the support of Woollahra Council for providing the Community and Cultural Grant for the volunteer training sessions in 2017.Click here for further information.