Our Team

Our Board Directors

Kerry Gonski

AJFN Chair & Director-Marketing Committee

Dr Lesley Andrews

AJFN Director, Chair - AJFN Education Committee

Lara Garfinkel

AJFN Director & Secretary- Support Committee

Kate Mohr

AJFN Director (Melbourne)

Nir Golan

AJFN Director

Lisa Kirstein

Board Observer

Dr Samantha Saling

Board Observer

Our Team

Justine Saidman

Chief Executive Officer

Robbie Clifford

Head of Community & Support

Rebecca Abraham

Sydney Support Program Manager

Romy Rosen

Marketing & Communications Manager

Jessi Cohen

Melbourne Support Program Manager

Sarit Braver

Melbourne Development and Engagement Manager

Our Committees

Romi Israelsohn

AJFN Committee Chair - National Expansion Committee (Melbourne)

Candice Stein

AJFN Committee Member-Education

Rozanne Ichikowitz

AJFN Committee Member-Support

Kim Leigh

AJFN Committee Chair - Education

Lara Volpe

AJFN Committee Member-Support

Tanya Keyser

AJFN Committee Member-Events

Tali Feiglin

AJFN Committee Member-Education

Sarah Robuck

AJFN Committee Member- Support

Rebecca Havas

AJFN Committee Chair- Support

Kate Samowitz

AJFN Committee Chair - Marketing

Leigh Goldberg

AJFN Committee Member- Marketing

Leanne Kawalsky

AJFN Committee Member-Marketing

Amy Friedlander

AJFN Committee Member-Marketing

Terri Lederer

AJFN Committee member-support

Lori Levin

AJFN Committee member-Events

Lauren Placks

AJFN Committee Chair - Events

Jenna Pinchuck

AJFN Committee member- Education

Our Community Partnerships