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Event: A Talk with Dr Unterslak

Event: A Talk with Dr Unterslak

A fascinating talk next Sunday 30 July not to be missed, presented by Dr Unterslak a health care professional specialisig in obstetrics and gynaecology. Dr Unterslak has a wealth of knowledge and experience in issues pertaining to fertility with a passion for reproductive medicine and endocrinology. He has a special interest in ovarian stimulation and recurrent pregnancy losses. The talk…

Fertility in a modern Jewish world

Fertility in a modern Jewish world

More than 40 people came Sunday evening to hear Dr Unterslak talk about, ‘Fertility in a modern Jewish world.’ The talk was engaging, informative and raised awareness about the many aspects of fertility such as genetics, recurrent miscarriage, the age factor and what signs to look for when conceiving may be taking longer than expected. Watch a short excerpt on…

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