AJFN Committee Member-Marketing
I am a digital native that has focused on digital marketing and media for the majority of my career. I have worked in startups through to international advertising agencies, focusing on leveraging digital channels to engage audiences and realize business objectives. My brand experience includes Google consumer marketing, Qantas and Qantas frequent flyer, Blackmores amongst other blue chip Australian brands.
I currently run my own digital strategy consulting business, ab squared, in and around mothering my two daughters. My skills span content, social media strategy and email marketing, web and app development, eCommerce, video, online PR, SEO and PPC.
I am very passionate about the work of the AJFN having seen close family and friends travel the fertility path and as part of my overall belief that too many facets of parenting are taboo and lonely and we would all be so much better off with greater openness and support.