Thank you again to our Melbourne community for hosting us and to everyone that attended.

Reviews from the Melbourne show: 

‘This is my story; you captured the journey with great tenderness and insight. Excellent, sensitive writing and acting. It was a reminder of what you do is so important for those suffering. Thank you’. Anonymous

‘Very powerful medium to explore and present the real issues surrounding infertility. Well done!’ Dr Debbie Herbst

‘Very moving. As a fertility specialist and also as a female, I have been on both sides of this journey, this play added another insight’. Dr Genia Rozen

‘An emotional rollercoaster, beautifully and sensitively played. Loved it!’ Bev Fendel

After watching the play, its impossible to not feel the pain of the couples struggling to have a child. It is an authentic recreation of the harsh day to day realities with just enough humour to not weep throughout. Theres more than one person involved in having a child, sometime even more than meets the eye. that is why it is as important for men to also see this play.  Izzi Goldman (event photographer-Melbourne) 



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