The story being told was very similar to the journey my wife and I went through for 3 years during IVF, which was due to Male factor infertility, so we were extremely moved by both of the actor’s performances. The actors managed to capture the emotional roller coaster incredibly well and I was bought to tears. It resonated very strongly with me and my wife, and I am grateful that the story was told so well and that there is growing awareness for this issue. We are now five and a half months pregnant so we go there at the end 🙂  – Anonymous

Beautiful, touching and at times, raw.. Adam Weinberg

A wonderful play very informative for people who do not know about the issue. Anonymous

It was an amazing real show. Having been through the same experience it brought back many memories. Janine Wolman

Brought back many memories of my daughter’s journey. Very powerful. Anonymous

If I had one bit of feedback, I think it would be offering more for men – I know what I felt during our initial difficulties and we used resources outside the community.- Anonymous

For those of you who have previously attended our events, they have been exclusively catered for women. However we all know that infertility affects men as much as it does women and we also know just how important it is to include men in raising awareness and providing support. And so, this was our very first event open to both men and women.

With over 180 men and women in attendance on Monday 6 November at the Zenith Theatre, Chatswood the play ‘Voices Unheard’ was performed. This play follows the journey of a couple from their very first date, through to marriage and later their unexpected struggle with infertility.
The gripping performance, equal parts raw and humorous, delved behind closed doors into the private world behind the IVF treatments experienced by many couples within our community.
The evening concluded with two guest speakers; Rebbetzin Rachel Cohen who recounted her struggle with infertility and the invaluable role that AJFN played in helping to achieve her miracle daughter and Lori Levin who shared her story and the importance of community support. She is now a volunteer for the AJFN mentoring program.
Together with our team of volunteers and generous sponsors, the evening was a resounding success. The power of the play, and its impact on the audience, is a true reminder of the importance of raising awareness about an incredibly difficult topic for those suffering in silence.
It is with thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, donors and the appeal on the evening, that we are able to continue providing financial and emotional support to those depending on us for assistance.
Stay tuned to see some video highlights from ‘Voices Unheard’.
For any donations made on the evening, an email receipt from the Jewish Family Centre was sent out on Sunday.
Please accept our sincere appreciation and we do hope to share good news with you soon.





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