Newsletter March 2018

Beneath The Whisper

“As I light only two candles on Erev Pesach and cover my tears with the palms of my hands I whisper to god…Who will sing the Ma-Nishtana tonight?…Who will find the Afikomen?…Who will eat my Matza ball soup?. I then ask, how will we celebrate being Jewish without a child?”


As we begin the preparations for Pesach and planning our extensive to do list, we must not forgot those in our community who are struggling to build and grow their families.

This Shabbat, AJFN is partnering with ‘Yesh Tikva’* by joining their annual worldwide initiative, the ‘Infertility Awareness Shabbat’. This event helps raise awareness on a global level reaching over 200 synagogues in North America and Israel including 11 local synagogues for the very first time .

Our Rabbis will include a message in their weekly sermon giving a collective voice that enhances communal understanding and facilities empathy for those often feeling alone in their fertility journey. To read an article about sensitivity suggestions when engaging with people who are struggling click here.

With sincere thanks to the participating Sydney synagogues; Bet Yosef, BINA, The Central Synagogue, Cremorne Synagogue, The Great Synagogue, JLC, Maroubra Synagogue, Mizrachi Synagogue, Nefesh, Tzemach Tzedek, Ohr Chadash, and Ohr Hatzafan. Next year we hope to attract even more synagogues nationally.

On a final note, we are thrilled to announce the wonderful news of a pregnancy with gratitude to the continued support of our community.

AJFN is currently providing support to seven couples. Fertility treatments can be an unpredictable, lengthy journey. We never know how long our assistance is required. In times of celebration it is a mitzvah/good deed to give to those less fortunate and with your contribution you can help support Jewish continuity and new life Chai.

Click here to donate now.

We have lots planned for 2018 and look forward to sharing further updates with you.

Chag Sameach

Shterny,Yael and the AJFN Team


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