Thank you to the 60+ men and women who attended our first ‘Education’ event on Monday evening. A big thanks to Rabbi Moss from Nefesh Shul for your inspiring and insightful talk.Thank you to our board/committee members Lara Garfinkel, Rebecca Havas and Dr Lesley Andrews for coordinating the event.

Below is a brief summary of the talk:

From a religious perspective, when things don’t go according to OUR plan, they may be part of a higher plan that may not be apparent to us. Many painful events allow us to grow as individuals and strengthen our relationships.

From a more practical perspective, pain does not equal suffering. Pain is an integral part of life. How much suffering those events cause depends on the individual- their personality, upbringing, other life events and importantly their beliefs about how life should be.

Professional help can modify how we process painful events and therefore, how much suffering those events will cause.

We cannot change the past, but it is our duty to use the past to make the best decisions about the future.

To watch a video recording of the talk click here


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