Our campaign this Chanukah is #shiningalightoninfertility and at AJFN part of our mission is to ensure that the conversation around infertility is open and honest and that no one feels alone on their fertility journey. We do this in many different ways and our 2022 Impact Report clearly demonstrates the breadth and depth of the support that we offer; from financial grants to care packages, from educational events to heartfelt emotional support, from volunteers to businesses who donate their time and talents and much much more. As you read this report, you will see that AJFN is a small but mighty organisation powered by the equivalent of that little jug of oil. Each of you is like our shamash – every bit of support you give us lights up our ability to do more. Every grant you enable us to make, every meal you empower us to deliver, every person we have the privilege to engage with lights us up and inspires us to do more.

Each of you should also take light from the many miracles that we have created over the last 12 months because AJFN’s impact exists only because of you.


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