Newsletter June 2018: Yesterday I had a poignant conversation with a woman about her fertility journey. She shared with me the struggles of IVF where her hopes have been shattered time and time again. The emotional pain so great, she chose to ‘give up’ for a while to gain the strength to start all over again.
Giving up seems to be the only option when you are simply overcome by grief and loss after too many failed IVF cycles. In comforting a person, it is always difficult to find the right words. However, in that moment my immediate response to this woman was to remind her that she is not alone and that together as a community AJFN are here to support her.
AJFN’s ultimate goal is to provide the support couples need to fulfil their hopes and dreams of becoming parents so they don’t ever have to give up.
With the EOFY approaching there is no better time to give. Indeed, it has been a busy year for AJFN, especially in the last two weeks with two new pregnancies and a third baby due this coming Spring. AJFN is currently assisting 7 couples at various stages along their fertility journey. We never know how long our assistance is required. Resources are at a stretch and we are doing our best to keep up.
With your contribution you can help support Jewish continuity and new life Chai.
We look forward to sharing further updates with you.

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