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We understand that your fertility journey can be an incredibly difficult and emotional time. AJFN are here to support you along your journey. We have created a strong network of dedicated support services available, providing financial and emotional support. See our services section for further information.

Where to from here?

All forms of communication are kept strictly confidential.

Step 1

Complete our contact form here.

Step 2

Shterny will be in touch with you to arrange a meeting.

Step 3

Following the meeting you will be asked to complete an application form for assistance which will require additional supporting documentation.In order to qualify for assistance, couples will need to demonstrate financial need, as well as provide details of the intended fertility treatment.

Step 4

Your application will then be assessed by a committee and then you will be informed what assistance we can provide.

AJFN  is a Jewish organisation that  follows Jewish Guidelines in respect to fertility procedures.

“Infertility and its treatment can be emotionally difficult, isolating, and financially challenging.   AJFN offers women and men a warm and supportive environment that is culturally sensitive, as well as financial assistance, if required.  I have enjoyed my association with the organisation for many years, and will continue to do so”.

Dr Lieberman

Dr Lieberman


“Infertility is a very trying journey – physically, financially and emotionally.  AJFN plays an important role in the community to help lighten the burden for those needing financial or emotional support. There can be no greater mitzvah than helping to create new life. I have been privileged to work with the AJFN for many years and through Shterny’s compassion, vision and dedication, the organisation has gone from strength to strength”.

Dr Bernstein

Dr Bernstein

Monash IVF

“AJFN is a wonderful organisation that supports women and men in their difficult and stressful times. It is confronting and distressing to receive a diagnosis of infertility and then also be faced with the enormous expense of fertility treatment. AJFN provides understanding caring and financial assistance”.

Beverly Aronstam

Beverly Aronstam